TeX output from Matplotlib on Ubuntu

Another dense post - I would apologise, but if you don't know what the title means, you wouldn't be interested in what the post says. When persuading Matplotlib to render its text using TeX on Ubuntu 10.4 (useTex=true), you may find that:

the base texlive install does not ship with the type1cm package. You may need to install some of the extra packages to get all the goodies that come bundled with other latex distributions.

Bitten problems when upgrading Trac from sqlite to PostgreSQL

Following a routine upgrade of a Trac site from version 0.10 to 0.11, I needed to change the database from sqlite to PostgreSQL, because the former (at a little over 1GB) had been giving the dreaded "database is locked" errors. This meant that continuous builds, handled by the Trac plugin Bitten, were often failing to complete. This post describes how I fixed the couple of problems I encountered.

Switching stylesheets with Django

So I wrote some software that outputs test results in a simple xml format, which can be converted to preferred formats (csv, brief and verbose html) with xslt. These results are calculated with every commit, and archived along with lots of other data from the build.

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